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Made to measure solutions for music

The beginning of the 21st century will go down as the era in which the internet and its associated image and sound culture revolutionarized our audio attitudes. Long live the internet, now merely listening is no longer the only way to enjoy music!
Youtube is the main forum for young people to discover new music, but few classical outfits have successfully employed its potential.

More than anything else, we believe that a key condition on the video promotion of music is quality content. (New) lovers are hungry for background on the music, its creator, its performer(s), and aesthetically pleasing and dynamically wrapped video content can help listeners cross the threshold of “serious” music.

As a consequence, the subsidiary outfit Evil Penguin Productions was created to bring musical content concerts, documentaries, artists’ profiles on the screen.

Our concert registrations and documentaries have been shown on Belgian national television, Brava, Arte and Culture 7.

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